Learn About Arthro Biotech

Arthro Biotech specializes in the production and distribution of eco-friendly animal feed components and biofertilizers, employing an innovative blend of biotechnology and Black Soldier Fly Larvae to effectively upcycle nutrients derived from agricultural and food processing residuals.

Our insect-derived offerings play a pivotal role in nourishing the expanding global agricultural and feed sectors. Tailored for implementation in pet food, livestock, and aquatic feed, our products boast a diverse array of established functional advantages that enhance animal well-being and promote optimal growth.


We Are A Strong Team

Praveen K Sappa, PhD

Founder & CEO

Kishore Nalam, PhD

Co-founder & Head of R&D

Manikanth Injarapu

Head of Stategy & Operations

Our team consists of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge in the insect industry. We are a dynamic and fast-growing team, driven by ambition and energy.

With strong support from our Research & Development department, our main focus is harnessing the potential of insects for your benefit. Our shared passion is promoting sustainability in the animal feed sector.